CrazyBuzzer Test: My experiences with the online casino licensed in Germany.

Merkur Casinos and slot machines are by far the most popular slots in land-based arcades and gambling halls. In fact, the games from the Gauselmann Group, the owner of Merkur, were among the first slot machines in Germany. The team of the German gambling operator is responsible for smashing hits like Book of Ra or Fruitinator. These incredibly popular Merkur titles are now also available for online gamers.

Thanks to the new gambling regulation, you now have the opportunity to try out the top-notch Merkur slots. CrazyBuzzer is undoubtedly one of the best online casinos for your Merkur adventure. That's why I took a closer look at this slot provider with a German license: How good is the range of games? Is there a bonus for new customers? And how can I process my deposits and withdrawals? In the following article, I have summarized the answers to all these questions and everything that is currently important at CrazyBuzzer for you.

Information about the German license

It is truly remarkable how unique the CrazyBuzzer is. This particular gaming hall offers one of the rare opportunities to try out the coveted Merkur slots like Book of Ra. But why is it that the most popular German slot machines can only be found in so few online gaming halls? To comprehend this, it is essential to understand the complex legal situation surrounding online gaming halls in Germany.

For a long time, online gambling in Germany was a legal gray area for operators and players alike. Only players from Schleswig-Holstein were able to obtain German casino licenses, leaving all other German slot players unable to play in licensed casinos. As a result, the majority of slot enthusiasts turned to EU-licensed casinos. However, in recent years, German authorities have been cracking down on this legal loophole, forcing, for instance, PayPal to withdraw from online gambling.

The repercussions for Merkur were significant. The Gauselmann Group, one of the largest gambling companies in the world based in Germany, encompasses the most successful German slot manufacturers. As a German company, Merkur was prohibited from offering its own slots in gaming halls without a German license. As mentioned earlier, such licenses were only available in Schleswig-Holstein. Consequently, the majority of German gamers were unable to access thrilling slots like Book of Ra or Sizzling Hot.

Fortunately, everything is about to change. Since 2021, a new German gambling law has been in place, allowing providers to apply for a casino license for the first time. This means that casinos can now obtain a license from Germany as well. And as of 2023, there is now an initial whitelist containing the first casinos with a German license, including CrazyBuzz.

The requirements for operators applying for such a license are exceedingly demanding. Among these demands is the absolute guarantee of player protection against fraud and theft that an online casino provider must ensure. Additionally, every provider must offer active measures for responsible gambling. Furthermore, the casinos are also tested in terms of data protection, customer service, and payment methods.

If, however, a provider like CrazyBuzz manages to meet these demanding requirements, it is not just proof of the high quality of a casino. No, with that, a provider can also offer its users a completely new gaming experience. For instance, such casinos can provide payment options with Paypal – something that is only possible in a few other casinos.

At the same time, it signifies that an online casino is permitted to offer Merkur slot games. So here, you can genuinely try out the most popular German slot machines - a gaming experience that you absolutely shouldn't miss. Together with the exceptional level of safety and customer service, it becomes evident that CrazyBuzzer is an extraordinary casino.

CrazyBuzzer game offer

As previously stated, Crazy Buzzer stands out among the few amusement arcades worldwide where you can indulge in Merkur games. Naturally, the quality of the various games is exceptionally high. This encompasses not only timeless classics like Book of Ra but also the latest hits and trends, such as Magic Mirror and Release the Kraken. The selection is truly diverse, catering to all gaming preferences and ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Crazy Buzz collaborates with two additional game providers besides Merkur, namely Pragmatic Play and Real Time Gaming. This implies that you can also look forward to games like Huge Bounty, Reel Angling, and Fantasizing Atoll. Genuine highlights await you in the realm of slots. Unfortunately, Crazy Buzz cannot offer table games due to German authorities mandating that only slots are permissible in gaming arcades.

However, upon examining the overall slot selection, it is apparent that it is relatively limited compared to other casinos. At present, CrazyBuzz only offers a choice of about 100 games. Considering that many other establishments provide several hundred or even thousands of games, this selection is somewhat disappointing. Nevertheless, the games' high quality ensured that I still had a lot of fun while gaming.

High quality slots developers

All the slot games at Crazy Buzzer are sourced from Merkur, Pragmatic Play, and Real Time Gaming. In this gaming hub, you will only find the crème de la crème of games. After all, the available games here are from three of the world's finest gaming providers. And that, in turn, guarantees endless fun, excitement, and winnings during your slot adventure at Crazy Buzzer.

The top-notch providers ensure that you will always find the latest features and additional functions in this gaming hall - boredom is out of the question here. In addition to that, the game designs as well as the soundtracks of the slot machines are absolutely top-notch: here, you can truly immerse yourself in the world of your favorite machine and enjoy an extraordinary gaming adventure.

Overview of limits

In my opinion, the Crazy Buzzer is one of the ultimate gaming havens for beginners. Because as a novice or casual player, you often just want to indulge in a quick round or try your hand at the games without having to deposit a substantial amount of money. This endeavor proves challenging in numerous online gaming establishments, primarily due to their lack of low deposit limits, making it nearly impossible to make deposits of nominal value.

It's different at Crazy Buzzer. Because here, you can make a deposit starting from just one euro! We haven't found such a great offer in any other online casino. So, you can make a very small deposit, try out the games at the casino for a small amount of money, and then make a decision. Withdrawals are possible starting from a minimum amount of 10 euros, so you don't have to worry about large sums of money here either.

With many slots, bets can already be placed from just a few cents. However, due to the regulations set by the German gambling authority, all bets are limited to a maximum of one euro. High rollers and true professional players may therefore need to look for a different casino. For all other gamers, the Crazy Buzzer offers the perfect provider for slot fun that doesn't require a fortune.

CrazyBuzzer bonus and additional promotions

Unfortunately, during my test, the Crazy Buzzer bonus offer did not score full marks. On one hand, the casino does offer a welcome bonus for new players, promising bonus funds and free spins. On the other hand, the 50 free spins for one of the top-notch Merkur slots do manage to impress in this aspect, thus showcasing the casino's strength in this area.

However, it is worth noting on the flip side that the provider lacks any additional bonus offers. Whether it's cashback, loyalty points, promotions for existing customers, or tournaments, all of these things are missing in Crazy Buzzer. You won't find them anywhere. To learn more about the welcome bonus and other promotions that I hope to see from this provider in the future, check out the following paragraphs.

Welcome bonus for new customers

To give you the ideal kickstart to your casino adventure, Crazy Buzzer offers a welcome bonus to all new players! You have the option to choose between two different offers: Either go for a 100% deposit bonus, where you receive the value of your deposit as bonus funds on top. The maximum bonus amount for this offer is 100 Euros.

Instead of that, you have the option to choose 50 free spins. These complimentary spins are specifically for the Magic Mirror Deluxe slot by Merkur. Step into the thrilling realm of knights and mythical creatures with this slot game. As this machine happens to be one of my personal favorites, this welcome bonus truly won me over in a positive way.

Existing customer promotions

Many online casinos offer bonus promotions for existing customers. These can include additional free spins or the so-called reload bonuses: You simply top up your account as usual and then receive an additional amount of bonus money. Naturally, these promotions are highly popular among slot enthusiasts and online casino users.

Such promotions and offers ensure that even as an existing customer, one is constantly surprised and can look forward to new highlights. It is all the more disappointing, therefore, that such deals are nowhere to be found on Crazy Buzzer. I hope that the casino will improve in this area. As a loyal customer, it would be wonderful to have access to exciting promotions.

Cashback, loyalty programs, and additional incentives

Currently, Crazy Buzzer does not offer any cashback or loyalty programs. Cashback is a promotion where you receive a portion of your losses back into your account, with no additional conditions. On the other hand, loyalty programs promise fantastic extra prizes and surprises. The absence of these options has resulted in Crazy Buzzer losing some points in my test.

Available payment methods

Despite a few drawbacks, the Crazzy Buzzer excels in many areas. One such example is its wide range of payment methods available. The Crazy Buzzer is among only a handful of gaming establishments where you can now pay with Paypal. The straightforward transactions with this online provider make playing at the Crazy Buzzer much more user-friendly.

In addition, you have the option to make payments with a VISA or Mastercard. If you prefer not to use a credit card or Paypal, you can also pay with your bank account at Crazy Buzzer. Klarna and Sofort Überweisung allow you to securely and efficiently use your bank account for the Spielotheken deposit, without the need to open a new account. Therefore, the provider receives a perfect score in this area as well.

The website and mobile platform provided by CrazyBuzzer

As soon as you open the Crazy Buzzer website, you will immediately notice its focus on efficiency. All the essential categories, links, and information are neatly listed for easy access. These include areas such as customer service and available payment methods. The website's navigation is highly intuitive and user-friendly. Overall, the Crazy Buzzer website is truly impressive and leaves a lasting impression.

CrazyBuzzer Casino website

The mobile gaming offering at Crazy Buzzer follows the same principle. Now, you have the opportunity to play all the slots and machines from the casino on your tablet or smartphone while on the go. And the best part is, you don't need an app or download for that. Simply open the website in your mobile browser and start gaming right away. It's as easy as that.

CrazyBuzzer customer support

The customer service at Crazy Buzzer can only be described as top-notch. One of the reasons for this is undoubtedly the presence of a German-speaking customer support team. Based on my experiences, problems can be resolved much faster and more effectively in case of emergencies. However, this is not the only aspect that makes this customer support stand out.

No, the Crazy Buzzer also boasts a highly supportive and skilled team of staff members. I found the team to be extremely amiable and capable of addressing all of my issues and concerns within a matter of minutes. If you wish to communicate with the Crazy Buzzer's personnel, you have the option of utilizing either the live chat or the contact form.

An overview of the online casino's information

Name   CrazyBuzzer  
Bonus   Get a 100% deposit bonus of up to 100 Euros OR 50 free spins for the Merkur Slot Magic Mirror Deluxe.  
License   German license  
Slot machine manufacturer   Merkur, Pragmatic Play, and Real Time Gaming  
Number of slot machines   86 
Payment methods   Visa, Mastercard, Klarna, Sofortüberweisung, and PayPal  
Pursue   Solis Ortus Services Limited  
Address   The Plaza Business Centre: An Exclusive Hub for Entrepreneurs and Corporations  

Bisazza Street

Sliema, SLM 1640


Managing Director   Dominic-Daniel Lienard  
founding   2021 
Telephone    –
E-Mail    –

Our conclusion: CrazyBuzzer rating

Only a few gambling halls have managed to meet the high requirements for a German gambling license. The fact that Crazy Buzzer possesses such a license is not without good reason. This provider excels in both customer service and player protection, leaving no room for concern regarding fraud and theft. Rest assured, you have nothing to worry about in terms of dishonesty and pilferage.

In addition, the slot selection impresses with top-notch quality. Here, you have the opportunity to finally play the Merkur hits like Book of Ra or Eye of Horus online! Furthermore, in this casino, you can also enjoy slots from Pragmatic Play and Real Time Gaming. To summarize, an extraordinary gaming experience awaits you here!

During our test, only two points stood out negatively: firstly, the bonus offer is somewhat limited compared to other providers. Additionally, there is currently access to only about 100 games in this casino. Nevertheless, the exceptional quality of the games more than compensates for these drawbacks. Furthermore, Crazy Buzzer offers a welcome bonus and accepts payments through PayPal! Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend this casino.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

To provide you with a clearer overview, I have summarized the essential information and facts about the topic Crazy Buzzer in the following paragraphs. Here, you will find a compilation of the key details and pertinent data for your convenience.

Is it legal for me to play at CrazyBuzzer?

Yes, at Crazy Buzzer, you can play completely within the bounds of the law. This is because the provider holds a license from Germany. This implies that you can not only play legally here but also enjoy a safe gaming experience.

What games are available at CrazyBuzzer?

Crazy Buzzer offers a top-notch assortment of Merkur games. Among them are popular titles like Book of Ra and Eye of Horus. Furthermore, this gaming arcade presents a range of the finest Pragmatic Play and Real Time Gaming slots for your enjoyment.

Does CrazyBuzzer offer live games?

No, Crazy Buzzer does not offer live games. This is because game arcades with a German license are not allowed to provide them.

Is there a CrazyBuzzer mobile application available?

Indeed, you can also play Crazy Buzzer on the go. Just open the provider's website on your tablet or smartphone and start gaming right away.